Bellchamber Rings

2016 Custom Gallery C

All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. Below are more of our unique custom jewellery designs from 2016

Viking Ring A 6mm wide Viking Knotwork Ring in pale yellow gold.   It is a continuous Triskele pattern representing Eternity.  This design can be found in the Book of Kells, the Book of Durrow and on the Viking Stones in Goltland Kirk (Church) yards. Bellchamber Add to Cart Double Triskele Celtic Ring The Double Triskele model R175 in white gold stacks perfectly with a flat band.  In this case with the narrowest Triquetra Knotwork ring in Yellow gold model R242.  Bellchamber Add to Cart

Custom Claddagh and Gaelic Mo Anam Cara Rings A wedding set of an 8mm wide Custom Claddagh ring and the 6mm wide Mo Anam Cara. Both are finished in 14K Yellow gold. Bellchamber Cart Gold Anchor Pendant A custom Gold Navy Anchor we hand made for a Lake Huron sailor. We upcycled his gold material to make this 1 5/8 inch (4.3 cm) long pendant. It weights 13.1 grams.

Alexandrite Pendant The Trí Ghealach Loveknot in sterling silver with a oval alexandrite gemstone.  The gem is a lab cultured stone with a very nice colour change from blue-green outdoors to burgandy in indoor lights.  Regular price is $395, it is available for $350 CAD today. Bellchamber Cart
Diamond Rings Celtic Viking Interlace Two Diamond Dianne Loveknot rings. The yellow gold model on the left has a 0.20 ct diamond and the white gold ring resting on it has a 0.25 carat diamond.  The yellow gold model also has 6 accent stones in the interlace and the white is left natural with the centre gem.  Bellchamber Cart

Celtic Cross Gold A 14K Yellow gold Simple Celtic Cross with a fine gold chain. It stands over 3cm tall (1 1/4").  ORDER Celtic Wolf Rings in Gold A pair of the 7mm Celtic Wolfhound rings in 14K gold.  The wolf was a symbol of strength, Loyalty and intelligence.  ORDER

Celtic Disc Silver We are able to make duplicates of hard metal objects, in this case a client brought us a brass disc she loved to wear as a pendant, however being a base metal it would react and leave a green mark.  We were able to recreate it in sterling silver.  It's a celtic cross design with a triquetra piecered though.  Diameter is roughly the size of a quarter.  ORDER Diamond Doulbe Triskele Ring R_175 A white gold Double Triskele Ring with a 0.51 ct or half carat diamond in a 4 claw setting.  This ring looks gorgeous with a reound brilliant cut stone.  ORDER
Fleur de lis Maltese Cross Ring in gold A custom Fleur de Lis and Maltese cross ring in gold.  This ring measures 7mm wide.  From drawing to gold it took 3 weeks.  ORDER Celtic / Viking Wolf Ring 10mm wide in 14K Gold The 10mm wide Wolf Ring from the Celtic book of Lindisfarne.  Finished in 14k Yellow Gold. ORDER

Bailey Triskele Celtic Emerald Ring A Bailey Triskele in white with the interlace had pierced.  Note the 6mm Emerald in the center bezel setting.  A clients gift for his daughters birthday with the May birthstone.  ORDER- Celtic Garnet Rings anniversary A pair of Celtic rings for an anniversary.  The 6mm round brilliant Garnet is in a Double Triskele ring and there are 3 x 2mm garnets in the sizing bar of the Ancient Double Loveknot ring.  ORDER -

White gold Custom Claddagh - Durrow Infinity interlace A 7mm Custom Claddagh wedding band with an interlace from the Book of Durrow. The interlace is also available ina ring called the Durrow infinity knot. Bands like this are comfortable for everyday wear. The Claddagh symbolizes Friendship, Love and Faith. ORDER WElsh Dragon Ring goldA small |Welsh Dragon ring with Celtic Triquetra interlaces on each shoulder.  This ring tapers from 6mm at the front and has a 2mm shank at the back.  Very comfortable for a pinky or smaller finger.  ORDER.