Bellchamber Rings

2016 Custom Gallery B

All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. Below are more of our unique custom jewellery designs from 2016

Oak Tree of Life Rings A set of our slim Three Oak Tree of Life Rings in white.  One is antiqued and the other has the natural high polished finish.  The Oak is a symbol of strength and longevity. Card Button Mens Celtic Ring White Gold A mens 7mm wide Eternity Triskele with a tightly woven interlace. The design repeats every 3 steps symbolizing the past, present and future. Bellchamber Cart

Kells Triskele Celtic Ring A yellow gold Kells Triskele Celtic Ring  The band was custom finished with a very narrow border so that the ring is 8mm wide.  Bellchamber Cart Greenman Rings A white gold Green man ring and an antiqued white Green man ring. Both are 10mm wide. Cart Button

Limited Gold Thor's Hammer Our limited edition Gold Thors Hammer in 14K Yellow gold with matching handmade chain.  This side has Huginn and Muninn (Memory and Thought) who are Odins Ravens.  One sees the future and one sees the past.  Blue Shopping Cart Thors Hammer Mjolnir Triskele A double Thor's Hammer with a Triquetra / Triskele and the spirals at the top of the handle are an abstract image of Thor.  This style of Mjolnir is an ancient Swedish design. Cart

Lady's Claddagh Rings Ladies Custom Claddagh bands in varying widths from 6mm - 10mm wide.  Available in Gold Silver or Platinum.  ajouter au panier Men's Claddagh RingsMens Custom Claddagh Rings in widths from 6mm to 10mm wide.  The Claddagh is symbol of friendship, faith and love. カートに追加

Celtic Tree of Life Rings from the Book of Kells An 18K yellow gold Celtic Tree of Life wedding ring set. One is 8mm wide and the other is the 10mm version.  This pattern is from the pages of the Book of Kells and represents two as one.  in den Warenkorb legen Celtic Heart Triskele A Forever Love Heart Triskele charm and earring set in white. A silver set like this is regularly $279 CAD, on special for $249. The heart pendant is pierced and the earrings are solid.  añadir a la cesta
Celtic Spiral of Brittany Earrings Pierced Spiral Triskele earrings in silver. The design originated in Brittany and is over 2500 years old. Brittany has some of the oldest Celtic Artefacts in the world. Regularly priced at $75 CAD.  添加到购物车 5mm Scottish Luckenbooth Ring An elegant Luckenbooth ring. The traditional Luckenbooth is a Scottish design of a heart and crown.  This ring is 5mm wide and has a Dimma Celtic interlace around the shank.  In the 1600's the Luckenbooths were jewellery shops and lockable stalls on High st in the church yard of St. Giles in Edinburgh.  장바구니에 담기

Highlander Loveknot Rings A white gold Highlander Triskele Wedding set. Based on the nouveau Eternity Triskele Pattern. This pattern represents stregnth, love and eternity. 7mm wide and 4.5mm without borders. plaas in mandjie Kells Wolf Tree of Life RingThe first Celtic Wolf Tree of Life ring in two tone golds.  There is a 2mm natural red diamond set on the in flower of the design.  The motif is taken from page 285 of the Book of Kells.  This ring is valued at Engadir á cesta

Celtic Double Triskele Diamond Ring The Double Triskele engagement ring in 18k yellow gold set with a half carat diamond in a 4 claw white gold setting.  All diamonds are set in store by Jason Bellchamber himself.  a chur leis cart Platinum Celtic Ring A platinum Eternity Triskele Ring without borders. Platinum is a rare precious metal which has a white grey hue to it.  Cuir ris an cairt