Bellchamber Rings

2015 Custom Gallery G

All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. Below are our unique custom jewellery designs from 2015

Updated soonThree Celtic Heart pendants. From left sterling silver, deep yellow gold and right white gold. These are limited editions. ONce 24 have been made in gold the mold will be destoryed. Number 5 in gold is now available. ORDER Slavic Slovak Gold Cross Croatian A client designed Slovac interlace pendant. Set with 4 estate diamonds and an opal doublet. This pendant is 4cm tall and is completely hand pierced. It can be made without the stones and is still impressive. ORDER

Gold Dragon PendantPictured is Jason getting ready to set the diamond in the eye of a 2 inch (5cm) Dragon Ouroboros. When it was finished it flew to it's owner in Florida. Dragon Ouroboros in Gold The Dragon Ouroboros here is 2 inches and it is 14K gold. The diamond set into the eye is a 1/4 carat round. Can be made in different colours of gold or Silver as well. ORDER

Celtic Wolf ring wolfhound Gold A Wonderful Wolfhound ring in deep yellow gold. This model number for this Celtic ring is R86 and its width 10mm. A comfortable and bold design. ORDER Gold Triskele pendant This two tone Celtic Triskele pendant is yellow gold on white. It is 22mm in diameter and is set with 4 birthstones: an amethyst, a sapphire, an emerald and an opal. This Triskele is based on an ancient Celtic symbol found on a helmet over 2500 years old and symbolizes eternity. ORDER

Greenman ring A very wide 13mm Greenman Ring in White Gold. It's background is pierced out by hand when the ring is metal and in the polishing production. Alos available in 10mm. ORDER Cernunnos Ring The pierced design is a bit more noticeable here when the deisgn is on it's side and the reflection shows a different light through it. The Greenman to the Celts was also known as Cernnunos the male aspect of nature.

Celtic Cross Pendant with diamond A bezel set diamond in this white sterling silver Celtic Cross pendant. This pendant is 4cm tall and was hand pierced. ORDER Gaelic Rings Mo Anam Cara A set of Mo Anam Cara rings in antiqued white.  A Celtic interlace is at the back fo the shank.  Pictured are the 5mm and the 8mm versions.  ORDER
Novo Ring with diamond A glorious 2.5 ct Princess cut diamond set into a modern white gold ring. The each of the 17 diamonds were hand set at Bellchamber Rings shop. As was the setting being hand made. Kovo RingThe large stone is a certified Canadian Diamond as are the small mellee stones. ORDER

Updated soon A yellow gold Giron Penatcle ring hand pierced. This model is 10mm wide.  It was made with clients gold material and new gold as well.  ORDER Skull rings bands A set of Custom Skull rings in 10mm and 7mm wide. Most view the skull as a warning symbol to outsiders, however it is also a symbol of wisdom and the seat of the soul. ORDER

Silver and Gold Signet Family Crest Ring A client brought in a family crest for Budreau which they wanted in a Gold on silver ring. It is modeled on our tapering R111 signet ring which can be customized. ORDER Updated soon -Side profile of custom family Crest ring.  Note the Fleur de Lis and the two tower Castle in the corner of the design.-