Bellchamber Rings

2015 Custom Gallery E

Welcome to our latest gallery of Custom jewellery for 2015.  There are over 19 galleries on the side column. All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada.  Prices available on request.

R433 Dianne Lovekont Celtic Wedding ringsA Dianne Loveknot wedding set, the tapering diamond ring is the R11 and the 10mm wide is the Straice Version.  ORDER Mens Wedding Ring Celtic The 10mm wide Staice Dianne Loveknot ring in yellow gold. ORDER

Mens Celtic wedding ring A 6mm wide Muny Musk Ring in White gold. The Celtic Interlace in this ring represents the dance of life. Two souls stepping left and right and left again. Footsteps in a never-ending Love. ORDER Emerald Diamond Claddagh white gold A Traditional Claddagh with a 3.2mm AAA Emerald and 2x2.85mm diamonds. Custom finished with the straight Dianne Loveknot on the shank. ORDER

Ancient Celtic Spiral Rings An antiqued white Celtic wedding set. The left is a 10mm wide Amphreville Triskele (2500 years old) and the left is a 9mm wide Labyrinth Triskele ring found in the book of Kells. Both designs are Celtic yet have 1250 years between them. ORDER Celtic Lion Gold pendantThe Rampart Lion pendant in gold with a white gold outer interlace design. This pendant is 14K and is 3cm tall. ORDER

Three Moon Gold rings on The Big Lebowski RugA pair of Custom Lunar rings with Celtic interlace down the shank. We set 2mm round diamonds into the Full moon and 2 into each crescent. Finished in white with raised yellow gold borders. ORDER Robin Tree of Life Rings A Oak Tree of Life ring with 2 Robins in the brances. In 7mm and 6mm wide. ORDER

Green Sapphire White Gold Celtic Ring A customized Dianne Loveknot ring in white gold set with 5x3mm green sapphire.  The shank has been made smooth with a high polish, leaving the triskeles on each side of the gemstone.  ORDER Opal Celtic RingA blue-green Australian Opal is bezel set this white gold Dianne Loveknot ring.  Opals are incredibly hard to photograph, the matrix of colour in each stone is competely different from any other. This model is R311 and the Opal is a 3x5mm cabochon. ORDER
wetwang Slack Sword RingThe Besterd Spiral Ring in white with raised yellow gold borders. The Celtic spiral design is found on an Iron Age sword in the Hull musuem. It was discovered in 1984 in Wetwang Slack UK.  Similar patterns are found on the Lisnacrogher Sword scabbards from Ireland.  The spirals would represent symmetry and balance.  ORDER. Celtic Thistle Ring in Silver A Celtic Thistle ring with the Dimma Interlace surrounding the shank.  It is 7mm wide.  ORDER

Gold Saxon Viking Wolf ringThe 6mm wide Saxon Wolf ring in White Gold with flush Yellow gold borders. ORDER Hand Engraved Scottish Rings McIntosh The motto and Crest for Clan McIntosh was hand engraved on clients gold signet rings. Hand engraving is performed with a steel graving tool and is done on the gold. ORDER

Welsh Dragon Tree of Life Ring A combination of a Welsh Dragon and Three Oak Tree of life Ring. 8mm wide and finished in antiqued white. ORDER Olive Green Sapphire Celtic Ring A client wanted us to bezel set an Erin Green Sapphire with 2 Triskeles onto her wedding ring as an anniversary momento. The triskeles are from R175. ORDER