Bellchamber Rings

2015 Custom Gallery C

Welcome to our 3rd gallery of Custom jewellery for 2015.  All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada.  Prices available on request.

Gold meditation ring, Spinner ring A yellow gold Meditation or Spinner Ring. This model uses a 4mm Claddagh Loveknot ring as the spinner and finished at 7mm wide. Available by request. ORDER Bereznikovy Signet ring A custom signet ring and pendant set with the blazon for the Bereznikovy Family. Custom Crests and Penants available on request. ORDER

Tudor Rose, Claddagh & Thistle RingThe Tudor Rose, Claddagh and Thistle ring. Designed for clients with English, Scottish and Irish flair. Tudor Rose Thistle RingThe Front view. Based on modern Claddagh and older Medieval engravings of the rose and thistle. Available in 6mm and 10mm. ORDER.

Maple Tree TriskeleThe Maple Tree Triskele Ring. This ring is an 8mm wide Tree of Life design with a silver and Sugar Maple leaf at the tree and the branches into an Eternity Triskele interlace. ORDER Maple Tree of Life TriskeleFinished in antiqued white, this photo shows the Celtic Eternity Triskele motif that spans the shank.

Maple Tree of Life RingThe Maple Tree of Life design in 6mm wide with borders. This model is finished in antiqued white. The branches sprout a Red Maple, a Silver Maple and a Sugar Maple leaf. ORDER Triskele of FriendsA Triskele of friends, all with the 10mm wide Oak Tree of Life ring.

Gold Celtic Pendant Crescent TriskeleThe Crescent Triskele Pendant finished in yellow gold and pierced. ORDER. Viking Triskele RingThe Viking Triskele ring. This ring is 7mm wide and features an eternity pattern typical of the interlace found on Viking stones from Gotland in the Baltic sea. ORDER

Purple Sapphire Celtic Ring A 5mm Unheated Purple Sapphire bezel set into an even White Gold Straice Dianne Loveknot ring. ORDER Celtic White Gold engagement ring Purple Sapphire The same 8mm Straice Dianne Lovkenot set with the Purple Sapphire and the interlace is now pierced. Bellchamber rings are hand made and we hand pierce the designs in our London store. ORDER

BDSM Silver Ring This Hall Triskele is a size 15. When Bellchamber Rings makes silver rings over a size 14 we suggest making them 50% thicker around the shank for added stregnth. ORDER. Antique Mine Cut Diamond Celtic RingA client supplied us with their grandmothers diamond to set in a Dianne Loveknot ring. The cut is a 'Swiss Cut' which can help date the age of the stone to between 1900-1930. ORDER

Roman Clasping hands Wedding ring An ancient designed Roman Wedding ring called 'The Bona Fides ring.'  The symbol of clasping hands on a wedding ring originated in Roman times.  It was a symbol of Faith and Love between two people.  It was found on coins as well as antique rings. It is associated to Fides the Roman virtue of 'Good Faith'.  ORDER Viking Serpent Ring in Gold The Viking Serpents Ring in two tone gold.  The ring itself is 8mm wide.  This version has raised yellow borders and has a 1/4ct oval diamond bezel set into it.  ORDER