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 All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. 

Below is the third page of our unique custom jewellery designs from 2014

White Gold Celtic Ring

An 8mm wide Durrow Eternity Loveknot ring in 14K white gold.  The interlace pattern is found on the pages of the Book of Durrow from the late 7th century C.E.

White Gold Tree of Life Ring with Lovebirds, book of Kells

A 10mm wide Love Bird Tree of Life Triskele Ring.  Finished in 14K White Gold.  Note the background is a sandblasted texture to contrast the design. ORDER


Kingsmoore Saxon Rune Rings in Silver and Gold

Rune rings, one in sterling silver the other in yellow gold.  10mmwide. The design is from the Kingsmoore Rune ring Artefact in the British Museum. ORDER 

Scotish Lion Earring

An 18K Gold stud of the Rampant Scottish Lion.  It is 12mm tall and has much detail.  ORDER

Custom Silver Cufflinks

Custom Cufflinks in sterling silver.  Cufflinks can also include stones.  ORDER - INQUIRE

Gold Celtic Bracelet Cuff

A 10mm wide Custom Eternity Triskele Cuff design.  Finished in yellow and white gold with a figaro chain at the back.  ORDER


Celtic Heart and Interlace ring in Gold

A custom Celtic wedding set of 'Millies Celtic Heart' in white and the 'Ian's Aberlemno Triskele' in yellow gold. The yellow band has a pattern I show how to draw here.  Its from the Aberlemno Cross in Scotland.  ORDER

Stuller settings Celtic Custom Emerald

A ring from the Stuller Settings catalogue set with a deep green Emerald.  At Bellchambers we set our stones on site.  ORDER


Purple Sapphire (Tanzanite) Celtic Ring

This Dianne Loveknot ring is set with a 3/4 ct round Purple sapphire and white diamonds.  Sapphire is very hard and this is what we recommend as an alternative to Tanzanite for gemstone in a ring.  ORDER

Celtic Ravens Heart pendant

A sterling silver Ravens Heart triskele with 2 blue sapphires in the eyes and a rianbow moonstone in the beak.  Note the finish is white and not antiqued.  This is what sterling silver naturally finished like.  ORDER


A custom family crest pendant from Brittany

Above is a custom Crest design set with 3 cabochon garnets.  ORDER

Custom Lion Pendant with Celtic Interlace - McIntyre Rampant Lion

The McIntyre Scottish Rampart Lion is named for the first client whom ordered this pendant.  The lion is solid gold and the white Celtic triskele interlace is Sterling Silver.  ORDER


Custom Celtic Cuff with Lions - Raines Family crest

A Custom Lion Crest Triskele Cuff, engraved with the Raines Family crest of 3 lions and a upward chevron.  The sheild is customizeble.  ORDER

Rains Family motto engraved in cuff

The inside of the sterling silver cuff has space for an envgraving.  In this case it is the Family motto.


Celtic Braided Triskele Ring in Gold

A Triple Braid Triskele ring in two tone gold.  The borders are yellow gold and flush with the design.  ORDER 

Danish Sun and Moon ring

A client wanted us to make copy of their ring (right) which was very worn.  We made her a new higher detailed version on the left.  The design comes from a viking artefact in Danemark.  It's likely the center 7 disks represent the lunar quarters (moon) and the disks going down the shank would represent the Sun.  If you know your celestial cycles you know when to harvest!  ORDER


Green Sapphire White Gold Celtic Ring Dianne Loveknot

A Straice Dianne Loveknot Ring.  Set with a Green Sapphire and 4 2pt diamonds.  ORDER

Durrow Spiral Triskele in 22K Gold

A gorgeous 22K Yellow Gold Cora Triskele.  This spiraling triskele is from page 3v of the Book of Durrow.  It is set with a 1/3 of a carat diamond and is hand-pierced.  ORDER


Goddess Valkarie Pendant in gold with a 4mm blue sapphire

An Elemental Goddess Pendant in 14k yellow Gold with a 4mm AAA blue sapphire set in the centre.  ORDER

Bailey Triskele with Diamond

A Bailey Triskele with the interlace of its triquetra interlace pierced.  The diamond is a 4mm round 0.25ct stone.  ORDER