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 All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. 

Below is the third page of our unique custom jewellery designs from 2013

Tree of Life Ring 3 Oak Leaf in gold

A 5mm Oak Tree of Life Ring in Yellow Gold, there are 3 types of oak leafs around the shank. A white, red and black Oak.  ORDER

Custom Motorcycle Club Ring Heavy

A Custom Motorcycle club ring in sterling silver, this ring is large but comfortable.  Custom Inquiries welcome.


Imperial Dragon Ring with riaised White Gold Borders

Imperial Dragon Ring in antiqued silver with raised gold borders of 14K White Gold.  ORDER

Asian Dragon ring R 432

Right side of the shank showing the both the 5 claw dragons.  Indicating the emperor. 

Celtic Claddagh Wedding Bands

A new Claddagh Band with an Eternity Triskele Celtic Interlace going round the shank.  ORDER

Custom Claddagh Rings with Celtic Interlace

On the left is 12mm model R617 and the right is the 8mm R388. The background is antiqued.  ORDER


Silver Double Loveknot ring Double Helix

.A pair of Ancient Double Loveknot rings in antiqued white.  The width is 5mm.  ORDER

Lion Head Signet Ring in Gold

.A Lion Head Signet Ring in Yellow Gold Signet ring.  This ring is 11mm and tapers to 6mm.  ORDER


Custom Celtic Pendant in Silver

A new Celtic Crescent Heart Pendant in Sterling Silver.  It measures 3.5cm across - ORDER

Celtic Wheel of Life Knot

A Celtic Wheel of Life pendant in Yellow Gold.  The interlace of the pendant is pierced. - ORDER


Celtic Ring with Jade

A White gold Dianne Loveknot ring set with a Guatemalan Jade gemstone and diamonds.  ORDER

Claddagh Wedding RIng 4mm wide

A white gold Dimma Claddagh which is 4mm wide.  This ring fits well stacked with an engagement ring.  ORDER


Mo Anam Cara Ring

The Gaelic phrase 'Mo Anam Cara' means ' My lifetime Friend'  This model is 5.5mm wide (R330) and features a Celtic interlace from the book of Durrow. 

Mo Anam Cara Gaelic Ring

The Mo Anam Cara Ring is slightly turned to show the Celtic interlace.  In Sterling Silver the oxidation of the antiquing contrasts the design nicely - ORDER