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 All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. 

Below is the fourth page of our unique custom jewellery designs from 2013

Celtic Tree of Life pendant from the Book of Kells

This is a limited edition Celtic Tree of Life pendant in 14K Yellow Gold.  It is number 2 of 24 and is available.  We can make them in white, yellow or Rose Gold.  ORDER

Yellow Gold Celtic Engagement ring with Diamond

The thin R311 version of the Dianne Loveknot ring in Yellow Gold with a bezel set 0.40 carat diamond. ORDER


Yellow Gold Saxon Kingsmoore Ring with a 0.10 pt diamond

The Kingsmoore Saxon Ring in Yellow gold set with a 0.10 ct diamond.  This version is finished at 6.5mm wide model R536. ORDER

Custom Rune Ring in Sterling Silver

A Custom ring using Saxon runes to spell out a couples names. Saxon Rune were found in early medieval England. 5.5mm width.  ORDER

Custom White Gold Heart Ring set

.A White gold ring set, the slimmer model has diamonds set in a curved design, see right photo.

Custom Diamond Heart Ring set

Together the Two Hearts are One in this ring when they stack on top of one another. ORDER


Dianne Loveknot Celtic Ring with Aquamarine

A model R10 Dianne Loveknot ring without borders.  The gemstone is a large 9x7mm fine oval aquamarine.  Note that the borders are pierced as well.  ORDER

White Gold Celtic Sprial Triskele with interlace

A very nice Custom Celtic Triskele Spiral in a Eternity Triksele Interlace.  This pendant is white gold and the center is pierced.  It's 24mm in diameter. ORDER


A Celtic Griffin and Dragon ring with raised Gold Borders

A 10mm wide Griffin and Dragon design with raised gold borders on antiqued white.  This new model has the dragon with a arrowed tongue. ORDER

Ring of Barahir from the Movie Born of Hope

The Ring of Barahir finished with Emerald Eyes. The crown of flowers is pure gold plate on Sterling silver.  ORDER


Celtic Griffin and Dragon Ring in Gold

A 8mm wide Griffin and Dragon Ring in Yellow Gold.  The detail is very fine. Model 74 ORDER.

Muny Musk Triskele Rings

An antiqued White on a Yellow Gold Muny Musk Triskele ring.  Gold does not normally antique and must be done on request.  ORDER


Rose Gold Wedding ring with White gold borders

A two tone Durrow Loveknot Claddagh ring with white gold borders on a rose gold Band.  ORDER.

Klingon wedding ring

A Klingon Ring with a part of a poem only known to the client who ordered it.  It's 8mm wide. ORDER.


Celtic Lovebird Tree of Life Rings

A pair of Lovebird Tree of Life Rings in white gold, custom finished to be 6mm wide.  ORDER 

Dianne Loveknot with Blue Sapphire and Diamond Celtic engagement ring

One of the nicest Ceylon Blue Sapphires we have ever set in a Dianne Loveknot with 2 diamonds. ORDER


Celtic Pendant with Tanzinite

A Moores Loveknot Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold with a 1.1 Ct D block Tanzanite - This Unique Item is in Stock and Available for Christams - ORDER

Three Tone Gold Claddagh

.A three colour gold Traditional Claddagh.  Note the Rose Heart the White Crown and Hands and the Yellow Shank. - ORDER


Custom White Gold Locket

A custom 18mm square locket made with a satin finish to look like a book and hold 2 photos.  ORDER

Custom Square Locket Open

The same locket opens to reveal the photos inside.  Completely made by hand. ORDER