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 All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. 

Below is the third page of our unique custom jewellery designs from 2013

Henderson Clan Crest ring

A custom signet ring in sterling silver and gold, with the Henderson clan crest of Scotland.   ORDER

Celtic White Gold ring with quarter carat diamond

The elegant Dianne Loveknot ring in white gold set with a bezel set 0.29 ct ideal cut diamond. ORDER


Dianne Loveknot rings in different widths - Non taper

Models of the Straice Dianne Loveknot ring which do not taper.  From Left 10mm wide, 8mm wide and 6mm wide.

Dianne Loveknots in different widths - Tapering version

Models of the Dianne Loveknot which taper at the back of the shank.  From left 14mm wide, 11mm wide and 7mm wide.

Medieval Wedding Ring in 18K Gold

.A Custom Ring Design called the Empress Medieval Weave.  It is 18K Yellow gold and has a dozen 2pt diamonds set all the way around it.  ORDER

Celtic Gold Rings

Examples of 14 Karat Two-Tone gold rings.  Left is a Yellow Gold 'Kells Labyrinth Sprial Triskele' in  R466, with raised white gold borders. Center is a Custom Claddagh R98 in white gold with raised yellow borders and right is a Dimma Claddagh ring in Rose Gold with flush white gold borders.  ORDER


White Gold Celtic Rings with Rubies and Sapphires

A pair of Dianne Loveknot Rings 10mm and 7mm wide which do not taper.  There are Rubies and GOld Sapphires set into the knot interlace.  ORDER

Dodecahedron Ring in Silver

A custom Dodecahedron ring titled the D20,  In that spirit of math this ring has 20 facets.  ORDER


Custom Tree of Life ring with Family Crests

A custom Canadian Tree of Life ring with family symbols of a Slovak Crest, a Croatian interlace from the 9th cen. a Fujara (whistle), and Valaska (axe).  Custom Tree of Life rings are available ORDER

A 4mm wide Nouveau Eternity Triskele design in 14K Gold. ORDER


Halo ring with 2/3 of a carat of diamonds, center is a 0.56 ct diamond

A custom Halo engagement ring with a 1/2 carat center stone.  All in white gold.  Total stone weight of 3/4 carats. ORDER

Brigids Cross Ring

A custom Brigids Cross ring in 18K Yellow Gold and White Gold.  Available in other styles of mount.  ORDER



Wide silver version of the Kingsmoore ring.

The 12mm wide version of the Saxon rune ring.  It is based on the Kingsmoore rune ring currently in the British Museum ORDER.

MacLaurin McCann Cameron Crest ring

A custom Clan Crest ring with many 6 different Family Crests.  Created to be a family heirloom. ORDER


Custom Futhark Rune Ring in Gold with diamond

A custom Rune ring 14K Gold.  Set with a 1/5 ct diamond.  Width is 10mm wide.  

Custom Rune Ring in Gold

View of the shank of the Custom Rune ring.  The runes are Elder Futhark.  ORDER


Custom Kanji Ring

The Custom  Kanji ring above is white gold and has our standard mirror finish surface on a sandblasted background.  This is our standard finish.  ORDER

White Gold with antiqued black background

The same White Gold Kanji ring finished with a black or 'antiqued' background.  Gold is a noble metal meaning it will not oxidize naturally even in lower karats.  ORDER


Two Tone Gold Celtic Pendant

A new double Triskele pendant in White and Yellow gold.  The sun and the moon in a never ending eternity.  ORDER

Custom bail made for Jade Buddah

.A custom bail with a diamodn was made for this jade Buddah pendant a client brought in.  ORDER