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 All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. 

Below is the second page of our unique custom jewellery designs from 2013

White Gold Celtic Maple Leaf Ring

A red maple leaf was put into the centre of this 14K white gold Celtic wedding ring.  The interlace pattern is a knotwork we call the Eternity Triskele Ring.  It measures 8mm wide and has no borders.  ORDER

Side View of Custom Eternity Triskele

The shank of the Eternity Triskele Ring with Maple leaf.  Any design (clan crest, harp, symbol) which fits into a 8mm circle can be made with this pattern. ORDER


Cufflinks in Silver Fitzpatrick

 Above the Fitzpatrick Crest has been hand engraved into a pair of Sterling Silver Cufflinks.  Silver is the whitest metal and taking a photograph of a polished surface is difficult.  The blue on the left crest is a reflection of my camera case and the right is reflecting white from the backdrop. ORDER

Gold Valkyrie Pendant 

A 10K Yellow Gold Valkyrie pendant photographed on Ametrine.  ORDER


Bailey Celtic Ring in Silver with 6.5mm Red Garnet

A sterling silver Bailey Triskele ring with a Red Garnet. Note that the Celtic interlace is pierced by hand. ORDER

Silver Celtic Wolf Rings

A pair of sterling silver Wolfhound rings with raised yellow gold borders. ORDER


Chisholm Clan Crest in Gold

A pale yellow gold pendant of the Scottish Clan "The Chisholm".  This pendant is 2.5 cm in diameter. Custom designs are welcome.  ORDER

The Briolette Triskele in Gold

An elegant pendant called the "Briolette Triskele" in yellow gold. It is also hand pierced.  It looks very nice with a small stone dangling from it.  ORDER


Cameo of Art Deco Flapper Girl.

This pendant is a copy of an illustration my Grandmother Bessie Chisholm made in the 1920's.  I found it drawn on the inside cover of her Normal School Handbook (teachers college) ORDER

Ring with Hammered Finish in White gold next to a high polished halfround ring

A pair of (domed or) half-round wedding rings.  The yellow gold ring on the left has a high mirrored polish, the white gold ring on the right has a matte 'hammered' finish.  The texture is done by dimpling the surface with a ball peen hammer.  ORDER



Celtic Ring with Blue Sapphire


Model R59-the 4.5mm wide Dimma Triskele Loveknot set with a 4mm blue Sapphire in a Solid Gold Bezel ORDER

Celtic Rings with Sapphires in Silver and Gold

Two styles of Dianne Loveknot Rings.  A blue brilliant sapphire is set into a tapering model (R11) and a red sapphire is set into the non tapering model with borders (R425) the bezels are yellow gold - ORDER


Elephant Pendant in Silver

A silver elephant pendant.  It is 1.9cm tall.  We've made it with gold tusks and it is also available as a ring.  ORDER

Custom Eternity Band with Black and White Diamonds

A Custom Eternity Diamond ring.  It is 14K white gold with black and white diamonds.  This ring is a size 7 and is permanently the size it's ordered.  ORDER


Maple Leaf Engagement Ring

Side view of the elegant Marks Maple Leaf Diamond Ring.  This 14K White Gold ring is set with 5 diamonds.  An antique 1ct diamond and 4 small round brilliants.  The 8 claw setting is platinum.

The Marks Maple Leaf Ring

The maple leafs are modeled after the Silver Maple Tree and the stems of each spiral into a setting holding the small diamonds.  ORDER


Gold Celtic Triskele Pendant with 4.58 ct Tanzanite

This is a Bailey Triskele Model P203 in 14K gold, attached to is a gorgeous oval tanzanite 4.58ct, all in 14K gold.  Custom stones are available ORDER

Large Silver ring with a massive 11ct ruby

A clients large ruby from Madagascar.  He comissioned us to make a very large 3mm thick ring for it and set it into a bezel, all in silver.  ORDER


Welsh Dragon and Rampant Lion Celtic Rings

A pair of white gold wedding rings with a Welsh Dragon, a Rampart Lion and a Triskele.  These custom wedding rings dont have borders.  ORDER

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Dragon and Lion Rings in white gold

The sides of the shanks have the Eternity Triskele design that meet up at the sizing bars at the back of the shanks. 

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