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 Each is hand made in London Ontario Canada.  Please email us if you have any questions.

Oak Tree of Life ring

The Three Oak Tree of Life Ring which incorporates a White, a Black and Red Oak Leaves in the branches. ORDER

  Large Marquis Cut Sapphire in the Bailey Triskele.

The Bailey Triskele Peireced in White Gold, set with a Fancy marquis Cut Blue Sapphire.



View of the Oak Tree of Life Left Shank

Left Shank of the Oak Tree of Life Ring INFO 

A side view of the branches of the Oak viewing all 3 of the Oak leaves

Side view of the Oak Tree of Life ring showing the three different types of leaves.


Claddagh with Dimma Loveknot 10mm wide.

A new Claddagh Loveknot with a Loveknot from the book of Dimma.  INFO



Claddaugh with Dimma Loveknot 10mm wide side view

Side view of the Claddagh pictured left. INFO


Claddagh Triskele 10mm wide in Sterling Silveri

A new Claddagh Ring with an Eternity Triskele Loveknot on the shank.  This one is Sterling Silver in a 10mm - INFO

 Side View of the Triskele Claddaugh ring.

The side view of the Eternity Triskele Loveknot on the shank of the Claddaugh. INFO


5mm wide Lovers Claddagh

A 5mm Claddaugh Design called the "leannán claddagh" or Lovers Claddagh. INFO

This is one of the new designs in the 5 Golden Ring Draw.


5mm Lovers Claddagh

Side View of the Leannán Claddagh. Note that the Loveknot is a very fine weave of the Dimma Triskele.



Mo Anam Cara Ring with Loveknot around shank.  5mm wide

A new Mo Anam Cara Design in a 5mm width with a Loveknot going around the shank.  Mo Anam Cara means "My Lifetime Friend.  INFO

This is the 1st ring you can win in the 5 Golden Ring Draw.



Gra Go Deo Ring with Celtic Knotwork

A new  Gra Go Deo design in a 5mm width with a Loveknot going around the shank.  Gra Go Deo means "Forever Love".  INFO





Eternity Triskele Claddagh in 14 K White and the Riased Edges sets it off.

A new Claddaugh with the Eternity Triskele Pattern. -INFO


 A White Gold Claddaugh Triskele with Yellow Raised edges modle R229GwRy.

A side of the ring, it's finished in 14K White Gold with raised yellow edges. INFO




Dianne Loveknot in Sterling SIlver with a Gold Sapphire in a Gold Bezel (R11SN_Sapphire

A Dianne Lovenknot in Sterling Sivler with a Gold Sapphire


Small Moores Loveknot pendant 1.5 inches across the top. Model P333SN 

The Moore Loveknot on a smaller scale of 1.5 inches across it's top.




A version of the Doyle Claddaugh in 14K Rose Gold with White Gold edges 8mm wide.

A new ring called the Doyle Claddagh


Doyle Claddagh with the Colophon Loveknot on the sides.

Doyle Claddagh on the Right view. 





A Greenman Pendant in 14K Gold.



The left side of the Doyle Claddagh in Rose Gold with White Gold edges. 

A new ring called the Doyle Claddagh on the right side.  Note the Knotwork from the Colophon page of the book of Durrow.



Dianne Loveknot 7mm with no Borders set with a Gold Bezel and Cornflowed blue Sapphire 

Sterling Silver Dianne Loveknot

set with a Cornflower Blue Sapphire


Wax model of Knotwork Setting

A wax model of a Knotwork Setting in its initial stage.

Photos of the finished product are in this scroll near the bottom.



Gold Rampart Lion Pendant

Rampart Lion Crest in Gold


Rune Pendant Algis in Platinum

"Algis" Futhark Rune Pendant in Platinum. 

Custom orders for Runes or Letters are welcome.


Celtic Tree of Life Pendant with Family Birthstones

A Celtic Tree of Life Pendant with Family Birthstones


Ring of Barahir 

 The Ring of Barahir being used in a Tolkien production based on the Silmarillion,

called "Born of Hope"


Colophon Loveknot wide with no borders set with a 1/2 carat Diamond

Colophon Loveknot in 14K White

it's Platinum Bezel set with a 1/2 Carat Diamond

Dianne Loveknot in 18K Gold with a 1/2 Carat Diamond

The Bailey Triskele Ring in 18K Yellow Gold,

a 1/2 Carat Diamond set in it's Platinum Bezel



Colophon Loveknot Wedding Set

A custom Wedding Set of the Colophon Loveknot

Two tone Gold Colophon Loveknot with a 5pt diamond

A 2 Tone White and Yellow Gold Colohon Loveknot with a 5pt diamond



Saxon Braceate in 14K Gold

A Saxon braceate in 14K Gold.  The design is from an artifact in the British Museum.

Note the runes and iconography linking it to Roman Times.

Douglas Clan Crest Signet Ring in Sterling Silver


A Custom Signet Ring of the Clan Douglas,

made in Sterling Silver.


Celtic Tree of Life Bracelet Cuff
A Celtic Tree of Life Cuff

In Sterling Silver $195 CAD.



Raven Bracelet Cuff

 The Raven Heart Cuff.

In Sterling Silver $195 CAD



Colophon Loveknot in 14K and a Platinum ring with Blue Sapphires

A Durrow Colophon Loveknot in Yellow Gold paired with a Platinum ring with Blue Sapphires.



A 13mm WIde 18K Wolfhound RIng and a 14mm Dianne Loveknot set with Diamondsl

A 13mm wide Four Wolfhounds Ring in 18K Gold paired with a Dianne Knot with Diamond Set with diamonds.

A size 20 ring and a size 8 in in Durrow Eternity Knot

Larger Size rings are our speciality. This is a size 20 and a size 8 Durrow Eternity Loveknot with inside ring engraving.

Custom inside ring engraving on Tree Triskele Rings

A Medieval Tree Triskele Set with Custom inside ring Engraging.




Mazerolle Crest in 14K Gold with Enamel

A Family Crest of The Mazerolle Clan in 14K Gold



Valier Crest in 14K Gold with Blue Enamel

Gold Family Crest of The Valier Clan


Pendacle in Sterling Silver with Engraving

A Custom 2.5cm Pentacle with Greek Lettering

in Sterling Silver.

Bailey Triskele Pendant in Sterling Silver

A Bailey Triskele Pendant in Sterling Silver.




Below are 2007 Custom Works


Yoni Ursa Pendant

A Large 7 + Carat Ruby Cabachon stone set in a 14KY Gold design called a Uras Yoni.



Reverse side of Custom Yoni Pendant

The Ursa Yoni Pendant reversed with an abstract zoomorphic face (in this case I see a bear) with the eyes and mouth peirced.

The Ruby is visible through the eyes and mouth

The Ursa Yoni Pendant reversed with an abstract zoomorphic face (in this case I see a bear) with the eyes and mouth peirced.  When looked at through the light the colour of the rube comes through the eyes and mouth.

Celtic Ring Princess Cut Diamond R243GwF

A simple Celtic Ring with a Princess cut Diamond.  The stone is a claw set 0.44 ct Princess Cut Diamond.  We can set our own or reset your stones too.  Email us if you have an inquiry.




A Custom Celtic Ring featuring a Loveknot from the Book of Durrow.  Called The Colophon Knot.  I set a clients diamond and two sapphires into 3 bezels.



 The side of The Colophon Knot. Setting a clients stone can make any ring extra special.



DianneLoveknot R10GwN_PrincessDiamond

A Princess cut is a square cut.  This  ring is set with a 49pt. G colour diamond set in a 14K White Gold

Dianne Loveknot Ring with four 2pt round Brilliant Diamonds set into the knot.


Tapering and pierced Celtic Knot

A side view of the Dianne Loveknot Ring, note how it tapers.



Custom fit wedding ring in White Gold with pink sapphires.

A custom Wedding ring set with 3 stones a Diamond and 2 Pink Sapphires to wrap around a 0.67 Solitaire Diamond ring.



The White Gold Custom Wedding ring set.

A same Wedding set side by side.


Rampart Lion made by Bellchamber Rings.

A custom Garthshore  Sgain dubh "Kilt Boot Knife" with the Bellchamber Rampart Lion



White Gold Claddagh Rings with custom Loveknot model R217GwFw

A  set of 14K White Gold Durrow Claddagh.


Tree of Life Cufflinks C179GyFy

A custom Saxon / Celtic Tree of Life from the Abington Sword.

Finished in 10K Yellow Gold.



A Platinum Claddagh with a 18K Gold Shank and garnets R95G18yPlat_garnets

Platinum Claddagh with 2 Gem Garnets and the ring shank finished in 18K Rose Gold.



A modern Triskele ring in Sterling Silver model R119SF

A Custom Nouveau Celtic Design of the Eternity Triskele in Sterling Silver. 




Celtic Wedding Rings model R119SFs & R119SN

 A set of the Nouveau Celtic Design of the Eternity Triskele in Sterling Silver.  One with borders one without.4mm and 7mm width.



A custom Hungarian Cross in Sterling Silver.  Likely had Byzantine origins.



A Sterling Silver version of my Thistle Triskele.  Design Suggested by Don Pettipas.  Email us if you have an inquiry.



Custom Wedding set McKechnie Hammer

A custom "Hammer" motif Ring set in Silver.



White Gold Foster Reily Crest

A close up of a custom Bespoke Pendant of the Foster and Reilly Crests in White Gold.



Another View of Gold Sardinian Symbol

A custom Gold Tie Tack of a Sardinian Symbol.



Sardinian Pin

A close up of the custom Gold Tie Tack of a Sardinian Symbol.


White Gold Wolfhound R85GwF

A White Gold Wolfhound ring with an 8mm width.


P179Gy A tree of Life Symbol from the Abington Sword

A Saxon tree of Life Charm




Custom made wedding band in White Gold was fitted to Clients Engagement ring

A client wanted me to make a wedding band to custom fit with her 3 Diamond Engagement Band, this is it beside it.


The White Gold Set fitted together.

This is the Custom Fit Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Together



A new Lion Ring in Gold R239GyF

A new design called the Lion Crest Ring.  The Lion design repeats all the way around the design.  Email us if you have an inquiry.


Rampart Lion Earrings in Gold E195Gy

A pair of Rampart Lion Earrings in 14K Gold.  They are available in Sterling silver too.  Email us if you have an inquiry.



Sterling Silver Lion Ring R239SF

A 10mm wide design called the Lion Crest Ring in Silver.  The Lion design repeats all the way around the design.  Email with an inquiry


R191SF_Midgard Serpent Ring

A  Custom Midgard Dragon Ring.


A large Initial

A Gold Celtic Initial Pendant set with 3 smalll diamonds in the top triskele.  It weighs over 25gms!  Other initials are available.


Custom Celtic Cross with Triskeles

A  Custom Celtic Cross Pendant made up of triskeles and double spirals in White Gold.  Design Suggested by Don Pettipas of La Maison d'Or.



A modern Triskele patten in a ring R225SF

An 11mm wide Perfect Triskele in 14K White Gold.



Stones setting by Bellchambers

Stuller Settings Mothers Ring with 5x3mm oval

 Finished in 14K Yellow Gold.



R225GyF Pirie Triskele Ring in 14K Yellow Gold.

A 9mm wide Pirie Triskele in 18K Yellow Gold set with 15 diamonds for a total of 1/3 of a carat.



Fodemesy Lion Crest Ring R256SF

A new Celtic Lion Ring Finished in 10mm.  The Celtic Loveknot from the book of Dimma circumvents the shank.  Email here with an inquiry.


Custom Ring set with Clients Diamond, a White Gold Dimma Loveknot with Raised Borders R72GwRy,  and the Gold 11m Pirie Triskele Ring R 225GyF

A Custom Celtic Wedding Set of a Clients Gold Diamond Ring, a Dimma Loveknot and the First Pirie Triskele set with Diamonds..



Ring made with Clients Gold and set with Clients existing Diamond

Using Clients Gold I made a gold band to remount her own Diamond.



Onyx ring

A Custom Silver Onxy Ring Retails $175CND.


The Dimma Loveknot in White Gold with Raised Yellow edges. R72GwRy

A perfect White Gold ring with the Dimma Loveknot with Raised Gold Borders.




Eternity Triskele withough borders set with clients Blue Sapphire

A 4.5mm wide Eternity Triskele ring, bezel set with a Clients Blue Sapphire.  Finished in 14K Yellow Gold.



Celtic Cross of Iona in Sterling Silver

The Iona Cross. 

A 3.2cm tall version in Sterling Silver of a cross from the Island of Iona. INFO



Tree of Life with Goddess in the center of the trunk

A custom Pendant set with a Green Emerald in sterling silver.   Titled "Caryatis", she was the goddess of the walnut tree in Greek mythos INFO


Bellchamber Celtic Tree of Life set with Birthstones

The Bellchamber Celtic tree of Life pendant in Gold with 5 birthstones.  The perfect mothers pendant.


Celtic Bat ring in White Gold with Raised Yellow Gold Edges

A White Gold version of the Duro Celtic Bat Ring with Raised Yellow Gold Borders and Black Enameling.


An early Iron Age Design taken from a Irish Bronze Sword Scabbard

A new Celtic Ring called the Besterd Spiral.  This Celtic Spiral ring features an Iron Age Spiral design found on ancient scabbards from Ireland and Yorkshire. This pattern in particular is from the Wetwang Slack Site. ORDER..d.


Dianne Loveknot set with 4 green diamonds and a 0.64 point Ideal cut Diamond

A very fine 63pt. E colour Ideal Cut Diamond set in a Platinum Bezel with four 2pt Green Diamonds set into the Yellow Gold pattern of a Dianne Loveknot Ring.


A custom Celtic Cross ring with Dragons intertwined

A custom Design called the Gilchrist Serpent Ring suggested by Don Pettipas. ORDER


A Rampart Lion in Gold set in a White Gold Pictish Loveknot Ring

A Custom Lion Pendant with a Pictish Celtic Knot pattern (500AD) in WhiteGold with a 14KY Gold Rampart Lion in the Centre.  It is titled the McIntyre Leon, a variation of the Scottish Rampart Lion.  The Knot Pattern is the same as my Eternity Triskele Loveknot.



A Wolfhound Ring with custom Runes

A custom version of the Four wolfhounds Ring with some custom Saxon Runes which spell "Soupy"


Sterling Silver Dianne Loveknot with a Golden Bezel set Amythest

A Sterling Silver Dianne Loveknot

set with a 10x8 oval Amethyst in a gold Bezel.




Pin in gold set with Aquamarine

A pin from Stuller Settings which I set with a 10x6 Aquamarine stone.


Custom made Signet ring set with diamonds

A Custom Signet Ring, with a motif from Global Warranty set with .38cts of Diamonds.



Dianne Loveknot ring in White gold set with a Black Opal

A pierced Dianne Loveknot i

n White Gold with a Rose Gold Bezel holding a Black Opal


Celtic Tree of Life Wedding rings in Yellow gold with Raised White Gold edges

A Set of Celtic Tree of Life Rings in 14K Yellow Gold with Raised White Gold Borders



RCMP pins converted to Cufflinks


A Client of mine had me modify some RCMP Tie Pins into matching Cufflinks. - INFO



Dianne Loveknot set with Clients Diamond

This Dianne Loveknot is set with a Clients Diamond and is finished in Yellow Gold.  This model is the 4.5mm version.



Pierced Knotwork on Dianne Loveknot Ring with White Sapphire set in Bezel

A pierced Dianne Loveknot is set with a 5.5mm White Sapphire and is finished in Yellow Gold.  This model is the 9mm wide version.



A normally 6mm Eternity Triskele Design with Custom Wide Borders

A custom Yellow Gold Eternity Triskeles Ring.  The knotwork is 4.5mm wide and the total width is ~9mm.



Eternity Triskele Wedding Set in White Gold 6mm with Borders and 4.5mm without Borders

A Set of White Gold Eternity Triskeles Rings.


White Gold Custom Claddagh Ring set with 2 x 0.10ct diamonds

A custom Claddagh Dimma Design carved to fit as a wedding set with a 1ct solitaire diamond.  There are two diamonds set into the cuffs of the design.



A Custom Claddagh Wedding Set.

A custom Claddagh Dimma Design carved to fit as a wedding set with a 1ct solitaire diamond.  Seen here with the engagement ring.


6mm Claddagh Wedding ring with Hammered shank instead of the Loveknot design

A custom Claddagh Dimma Design

with a hammered finished shank instead of the knotwork.



A Custom Pentacle Ring in Sterling Silver, flat on the bottom and tappered on the top

Here is a new tapering Star Pentacle design that looks more like a crown when it sits on its own.


A wide modern Triskele ring called the Pirie Triskele

A custom

designed Ring called the Pirie Triskele



Celtic Wedding Rings in White Gold with rounded borders featuring the Dimma Loveknot

Here is a set of Custom Dimma Loveknot Rings.

Finished in 14K White Gold with rounded edges.


Bellchamber Raven Heart Pendant in Sterling Silver

A custom Raven Heart Pendant to be a set with my Raven Rings.



 Pendant of the Chalice Well cover in Sterling silver.

A Custom Pendant of the inside cover of the

Chalice well Lid in UK. ~1.5inches in Diameter



Bailey Triskele in White Gold set with a diamond 0.10ct

The "Bailey" Triskele in 14K White Gold.  Note that both Loveknots are pierced.  The Diamond is a 0.12ct round brilliant.




A slightly rotated view of the "Bailey" Triskele in 14K White Gold. 


 A Traditional Claddagh Pendant in White Gold

A 14KWhite Gold Traditional Claddagh Pendant.

  A 5mm ring called the Double Venus in 14K Yellow Gold

 A Custom Double Venus Wedding Ring in 14K Yellow Gold.

 A custom Bracelet with spiral triskele designs

A Sterling SIlver Bracelet with a single gold Triskele in the Center.

  A custom pendant for Dirty Daddy T-Shirts

A hand made Sterling Silver pendant

for a client called Dirty Daddy 

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If you have an idea of what a Ring or piece of jewellery would look like, I can help you make one.  Simply send me a suggestion


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