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 Celtic Tree of Life 



 Wheel of Life  

 The Labyrinth  

 Rampant Lion  

  Thors Hammer

 Raven Spiral 

Elemental Woman


Brentfordshire Spiral 

Rune Charms

 Moore Loveknot 

 Charm Claddagh 

Crescent Triskele

Hand Engraved Pendants

Dragon Ouroboros

Killer Whale Chief of the Sea

Raven Triskele  


Iron Age Bird Triskele

Birds of a Feather- Friendship Pendant


Veterinary Pendant

 Winnipeg Sprial Triskele

Large Wolfhound Triskele

 Fine Celtic Jewelry - White Gold Triskele Charm

Above: Bailey Triskele Charm in White Gold

   The first charm humans wore as jewellery, hundreds of thousands of years ago, was likely a rock with a natural hole in it.  It would have to be hard and durable to last 4 seasons.  This first decorative motif symbolized the earth or rock.  Since then craftsmen or the more dexterous of the tribe would be able to fashion whatever was requested.  

 Bellchamber Pendants start at $145 in Sterling Silver.  A strong yet elegant sterling sivler chain is $30 extra.  The standard style is an 18inch Rolo.

 Please email me if you would like to get a quote for a Gold Pendant. Gold Pendants are each individually haand made and are priced according to work and Karat (Gold Content).


Goddess pendant in Gold

 The Elemental Goddess pendant in Gold.

Rampart Lion Pendant Sterling Silver

Lion Pendants

Celtic Tree of Life Pendant in Gold

Celtic Tree of Life Pendant in 14K Gold with the Knotwork pierced out.  Model P299Gy

Crescent Triskele


Traditional Claddagh



Hand Engraved Pendants



 Iron Age Bird Triskele


Birds of a Feather Pendant

Birds of a Feather - Friendship Pendant



Celtic Wheel of Life Pendant



Square Greenman



Brentfordshire Triskele


A custom Amethyst in a Celtic Cross Loveknot.  It is just under 3cm in diameter.  ORDER


Custom Amethyst Pendant and Moore Loveknot


Gold Thors Hammer

Gold Thors Hammer - Mjølner

Large 4cm Wolfhound Triskele


Dragon Ouroboros with Ruby Eye



Elemental Woman Pendant/Pin



Celtic Tree of Life



Veterinary Pendant



Vail's Runes

(artwork from a Clients Tattoo, made into a pendant)


Optical Spiral


Optical Circle


Raven Triskele Pendant


Rampant Lion Pendant



The Labyrinth in Sterling SIlver


The Winnipeg Sprial Triskele



Brojo Salamanders


The Winnipeg Sprial Triskele



The Wise Greenman



The Young Greenman



Whales Tail, The Cheif of the Ocean


Stag/horse Triskele

Thors Hammer

Huginn and Muninn side Thors Hammer

AKA Mjølner

(2 sided)

Saxon Pendant

 The Undley Saxon bracteate in 14K Gold.  The artifact itself is now in the British Museum and dates to the 5th century (c450-480). The runes ᚷ‍ᚫᚷ‍ᚩᚷ‍ᚫ ᛗᚫᚷᚫ ᛗᛖᛞᚢ-'g͡æg͡og͡æ mægæ meduare', are thought to read; 'Victory! Meed for kinsmen'.  Our version is just under the size of a quarter.  ORDER


Rune Pendants - Elder Futhark set in Sterling SilverRune Charms: Above is the Elder Futhark Rune Set in Sterling Silver.

Celtic Ravens Heart pendant

A Ravens Heart Triskele with 2 blue sapphires in the eyes and a rianbow moonstone in the beak.  Note the finish is white and not antiqued.  This is what white gold or a sterling silver naturally finishes like.  ORDER


Forever Love Triskele Set

A Heart Triskele Charm and earring set in white. A silver set like this is regularly $279 CAD, on special for $249. The Pendant is pierced and the earrings are solid. ORDER

 leanúnach Celtic Cross and Earrings

The Leanunach Celtic Cross Pendant and Earring set in Gold set with Clients Diamonds. In Sterling Silver this set without gems is $245 ORDER





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