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Celtic Knot


  Hand Engraving work is done on the finished piece itself.  It is done with a hardened "high-speed steel" graver and takes years of practice to master.

  Most of my work is done using etching techniques to produce a wax model that I then cast in Metal and then finish the detail by hand engraving the design.

  My "pure" Hand Engraved work is done either by myself or other master engravers whom I employ.  Bellchambers recommends and uses hand engraver Peter Cook.

  Inside ring engravings are all done in my shop.   We can use a specific font or for a extra touch I can even copy your own hand writing into a ring.  This makes a special ring truly unique and personallized by you.


Cufflinks in Silver Fitzpatrick

 Above the Fitzpatrick Crest has been hand engraved into a pair of Sterling Silver Cufflinks.  Silver is the whitest metal and taking a photograph of a polished surface is difficult.  The blue on the left crest is a reflection of my camera case and the right is reflecting white from the backdrop. ORDER







A Gaelic Word meaning Love "grà" in the Durrow Eternity Loveknot Ring.


A Gaelic Word meaning Freedom "saoirse" in a White Gold Wolfhound Ring.



Tennant Family Crest hand engraved by Bellchamber Custom Goldsmiths.  ORDER

A scale photo of the  Bento crestbeside a US quarter.














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