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  The goldsmiths at Bellchambers can recycle your gold or silver into a new piece.  Giving a sentimental meaning to your new ring or simply to save some money.  We give you 80-88% of the value of your gold back to you off of the retail price.  If you independantly sold your gold for scrap you will likely be offered 30-70% of its value.

  Gold is valuable and has been a currency for many millenniums.  Goldsmiths have always recycled gold in jewellery due to supply and because it can be easily remelted.  Since 2010 over 1/4 of our ring orders have been made with clients old gold.  3/4 of our orders therefore use refined pure gold and our custom alloys.

We can turn your scrap goldScrap gold and new gold

And recycle it into thisMuny Musk Ring


 Rules and guidelines to recasting or remelting your old gold into new:

  • New gold of the same karat must be added to yellow gold in a minimum 1:1 ratio.
  • White gold requires 3:2 new material to old.
  • The gold to be remelted should be all the same colour of gold since white gold and yellow gold use different metals as alloys. If you do melt yellow and white gold together it produces a very pale yellow 
  • Old gold chains require 2:1 new to old gold.  Chains absorb a lot of oil and salt from the body.
  • yellow gold in karats of 10-18K can not be made into white gold.  Only 22K or pure gold can be made in to white gold. 
  • White gold uses white brass as an alloy, yellow gold uses Copper and Silver. 

  There are options to recycling gold as well:

  • if you have 18K Gold (75%) silver and copper can be added to it to produce 10K gold or 14K gold.
  • If you have gold of a higher karat than 10K (41.7% gold) alloy can be added to increase the gram weight. 
  • If you have a stone you would like reset into a Bellchamber design we can reset them for a small fee.  Diamonds and Rubies and Sapphires are very hard and do well when being reset.  Stones get stressed when being set and must be done with care.
  • It is best if you email us a photo or visit us with your material. 
  • If you would like to ship it to us.  It is suggested to use Expresspost and ship it to us ; J.N.Bellchamber PO.Box 1955 Station B. London ON N6A 5J4 Canada.  If you are shipping internationally mark the Customs decleration that the items are 'Return for warantee repair.  So that extra taxes are not applied.
  • Having the weight of your material in grams is suggested before shipping.












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