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Many of these links are friends and associates Bellchamber Rings has made during our travels. 

  1. A interesting collection of Rune Artefacts with translations into modern English characters.
  2. Nice resource for educators
  3. Interesting Forum site on Celtic History.
  4. My friend Richard Cox makes amazing Irish Celtic Flutes in wood
  5. I appreciate Wikipedia .  Infomation should be free and as unbiased as possible.
  6. Atif Mir Medieval Armor and Swords
  7. Archery and Custom Leather Goods 416-452-5765
  8. Handcrafted Glass & Crystal Pendants 519-971-1901
  9. &
  10. are some interesting sites of post Celtic Art and the direction British Art grew.
  11. an interesting site for studies of Olde English and Anglosaxon History.
  12. A website with Free Rune Fonts and Celtic Style Fonts
  13. An interesting article on the History of the Cufflink.
  14. Burnt Circuits.  If you live in London Ontario I use this company for Computer Hardware Support.
  15. Interesting and very complete Family Crest and Heraldic descriptions. "Complete Dictionary of Heraldry"
  16. Linda does exclusive work with Faeries and sprites on canvas and more.  I met up with her at the Goderich Celtic Festival.
    Description: Shopping Directory I listed myself on.
  18. A historical Reference page on Iron age Celtic artefacts.
  19.  my friend Mary's website.
  20. A website of jewellery techniques and articles on goldsmithing.
  21. an excellent resource for Navajo Artisans and their hallmarks.
  22. an interesting article on making your own guitar pickup.
  23.  Marc Duro and his wife Barbara produce some very fine work using their own glass.   There shop is in Sandwich IL.
  24. the best torcs I've seen.  Danny & Sherry Hansen make them by hand.
  25. Vegan Diet cures type 2 DIabetes  SOURCES:Barnard, N. Diabetes Care, August 2006; vol 29: pp 1777-1783. News release, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
  26. A highly recommended school for Jewellery design.   Jewelry Art
    Sturgeon Creek, Winnipeg 204-888-0684, in Manitoba.
  27. Ian Gray is a renowned artist that paints for the best Whiskeys in the World.
  28. is an excellent site for Tips on Metalsmithing
  29. Custom Chain mail designs are available from Aurora, she does excellent work I met her at the AdAstra show.
  30. Cheese in London?  Drive North on Highbury Ave. until you reach a small Red barn on the East side of the Road. It's called Devizes Cheese (Highbury & 14 Mile Road) 23498 HIGHBURY AVE N .  It's a relaxing drive on the weekend to support your local market.  I recommend their 7 year old cheddar.
  31. Chain mail Patterns by C.McLeod.
    Celtic Sculpture made at
    Studio Cetlia London.
    My first website and Record Label
    Entartete Kunst Records.
  34. http://www.stratfordfestival. ca/
    If you are planning a trip to see me I suggest making it a weekend and seeing the best Shakespeare productions this side of the puddle.
    A great resource for Celtic Culture in Ontario.
    An excellent museum that features works of George Bains (the father of Modern Celtic Art)
    More things to plan if you visit my shoppe.
  40. this website has most everything you need to know about dragons.
  41. standing stones in the UK.
  42.  my friend Derek Gartshore is a Custom Bladesmith.  He's added a few of my Rampart Lions to his Scottish Sgian Dubh's.
  43. I'm advertising in the December vol. of this periodical.
  44. Courtney Davis' website.
  45. an excellent place if you have a sword fetish.
  46. custom mountainbikes and bicycles in London Ontario.
  47. ancient Damascus steel and other antique weapons can be restored or made to spec. by Master Blacksmith Tom Kaczor.
  48. Canadian artist Kevin Dillon is a master of lluminations.
  49. regarding the art scene in London Ont.
  50. another place for London info.
  51. the only gallery of Avant garde art in LO since '66.
  52. a magazine for the amateur and professional metal artist.
  53. this store is now online only, featuring fine pens and pen repair.
  54. friends of mine who exhibit at the Chicago Celtic Festival.
  55. Wedding Photography by Heather MacEachern, she has a masters eye.

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