Bellchamber Rings

2019 Xmas Guaranteed Delivery Dates

NOVEMBER 5th : Save 10% off the price if you order by a Deadline.  Guarantee delivery by Dec 23rd 2019 dates are below.

Count down till XMAS 2019: Guarantee delivery by Dec 23rd 2019.

Custom Design with stone settings - Ordered by Friday 8th NOV, 2019.

Custom Design no stone settings - Ordered by Friday 22nd. NOV, 2019.

Jewellery from our available models - Ordered by Friday 6th DEC, 2019.

Jewellery sized from available stock -  Ordered by Friday 13th DEC, 2019.

We are 7 weeks away from xmas! This list is subject to change so email us if you have any questions or telephone toll free (888-932-1558) or local (519-432-1558)

Custom Rings with stone settings include: claw settings, bezels or gypsy settings on rings or pendant. Jewellery is produced by having us custom make a design or by ordering a custom setting from a supplier and then setting the gemstones.  We have many suppliers of new gemstones which we insure.  We can also set clients gems at client risk.   Typical turn around is 6-8 weeks +2 weeks for gem-settingLINK  Oval Garnet in Celtic ring with gold claw setting

John Paul Jones Led Zeppelin triskele ring

Custom designs without a gemstone include: Pendants, Earrings or Rings using a new design.  Metals available are Gold, Silver or Platinum.  Typical turnaround time is 6-8 weeks.   LINK

 Rings or jewellery without a gemstone which use a design in our repertoire will typically take us 2-4 weeks.  Metals available are Gold, Silver or Platinum. 

Jason makes the gold colour and karat from his own formulas.  We can use also use client gold material by adding over 50% new refined gold.

Celtic Moore's Loveknot pendant in gold set with Black Opal   Custom Pendants or Earrings can be made with or without gemstones.  Stone settings include claw settings, bezels or gypsy settings. Pictured is a large black opal doublet is claw set into a Moore's Loveknot pendant all finished in yellow gold.  This design is from the Chi Roh page of the book of Kells. Typical turnaround is 4-6 + 2 weeks for gem setting. ORDER