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Custom Cetlic Jewellery Ad 2016



Oct 28th: Updated part 12 of 12 of the youtube video on how to woodburn Celtic Patterns.  Haloween to the Celts and Gaels was considered the New Year eve of old and was an important Harvest holiday.

Oct. 27th: Our Christmas 2016 campaign is starting at the store and Marc and Jason are hard at word making earrings and pendants sets for November and December.  The ad above in our home page features a Celtic dragonfly with a ruby.

Oct. 26th:  A custom silver bangle / bracelet with a large 160+ letter inside engraving is on the third row of the custom gallery.   It has a Medieval Tree of Life pattern on the outside of it.

Oct 25th: Posted a new yellow gold Moore's Loveknot to row 3 of the custom gallery F.  It is set with our clients diamonds a 1/4 ct and 2 small melees.  Updated the 2015 Galleries so they now have search bars at the top.

Oct 24th:  Updated a new gold pendant to the Custom Gallery F.  It's called Faith's Heart in Yellow gold and it is set with a raspberry red Sapphire.

Oct 20th: the Kalevala is a story of creation from Finland.  The interlace is a representaion of 4.  Our 8mm and 6mm wedding set is on row 2 of the custom gallery F.

October 19th:  Posted a Fathers Family ring to the Custom gallery.  

October 18th:  We are busy stocking up silver for the X-mas rush.  Published a new custom gallery F for 2016, first photo is an antiqued Triquetra with filigre and braided border.

October 17th:  Posted the penultimate woodburning video in the 12 segment series on youtube.  Please subscribe.

October 15th:  Fixed over 140 broken links in the website.  Hopefully that helps index us on search engines a bit.

October 13th:   Book a Saturday appointment now for inquiries.  Jason will be available via Telephone, Skype or email on Saturdays.  The store will be open Saturday's until Christmas from 10am-12pm.  

October 12th:  The last row of the the Custom gallery features a photo of a Maple Tree Triskele.  It's a Tree of Life ring with Celtic interlace and Maple leaves.

October 11th:  Back to work on regular hours.  Saturdays we will be open from 10:30-noon until Christmas.  Call us if you wish to make an appointment.

October 10th:  Updated the Youtube channel with a new video on drawing celtic patterns.   It's on woodburning a Celtic Interlace onto a box. 

October 9th:  We're closed on Oct. 10th it is Thanksgiving Holiday here in Canada.  See you Tuesday.

October 6th:  Less than 10% of coloured sapphires are unheated to enhance their colour.  We set a 1 carat round Green Sapphire into a gold Key Pattern ring.  It's at the last row of the Custom Gallery E.

October 4th: A hand engraved 'S' is in a yellow gold Lion Crest Triskele ring.  |See it on row 7 of the Custom Gallery E.  Also updated the Youtube page with segment 9 of 12 videos on woodburning.

October 2nd:  A yellow gold family ring with 7 birthstones is on row 7 of the Custom Gallery.  It's a 6mm wide Braided Triskele and it's our newest custom ring.

September 29th:  Posted a photo of a Bezel set diamond in a Kells Triskele wedding set in yellow gold to the 6th row of the Custom Gallery 2016E.

September 28th:  It was a pleasure to make a Maori pendant for a clients request.  It is in 18K Gold and is on row 7 of the Custom Gallery.

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